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Little Louie's hot dogs are a popular lunch item for elementary school students.

Our Customers Say...

Highland Park PTO 


"We are so happy we switched to Lunch Solutions. Robin's program is so much more complex and can handle so much more to customize our program. No more having lunches being delivered together and getting cold being sorted and delivered to different lunch areas. Her program does it so it comes from the restaurants that way. Her choices of restaurants and food selections are much more local, so the food arrives fresher and we are supporting the smaller guys rather than chains. We are making more money, and our administrators are so happy, especially since the labels are 2x4 in size and the kids can read their names so easily."

Northbrook PTO


 "Robin's staff are so well-trained.  They make sure everything is perfect before the kids enter to receive their lunches. We can see exactly how many lunches are ordered with access to our ordering website. No more receiving a report that makes no sense. We feel like a part of the program!"

Deerfield Parent

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work to help me change my son's orders due to his gluten-free diagnosis. He was so happy that you could help and that there are so many GF items for him to choose from. Your kindness and obvious knowledge for menu planning certainly helped us immensely." 
"Robin understands it's about the kids and the schools. She gets it! No reason to work with anyone else."

Highland Park PTO Co-President

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